E Parivahan Explained: Your Digital Transport Companion

E Parivahan is a digital platform that was launched by the government in 2016 to make transport-related services more accessible and convenient for people. This platform has been designed to provide digital services related to all types of transport, including vehicles, drivers, and licenses. E Parivahan has several features that make it an important tool for citizens and authorities. In this article, we will explore the different aspects of E Parivahan and how it can help users in their day-to-day transport activities.

E Parivahan is primarily a portal for driving license-related services. To use the platform, users need to register themselves using their driving license number. Once registered, they can avail different services such as obtaining a learner’s license, renewing an existing driving license, or applying for a new license. The platform also provides an option to check the status of an application and download relevant documents.

One of the biggest advantages of E Parivahan is that it reduces the need for physical visits to the transport department. Many people have to take a day off or spend hours waiting in queues to get their license-related work done. With E Parivahan, they can complete most of the formalities from the comfort of their homes. This not only saves time but also makes the process more convenient.

E Parivahan has also made it easier for people to obtain digital copies of their driving licenses. This means that they no longer need to carry physical copies while driving. Instead, they can simply show the digital copy on their smartphones to the authorities if required. This is a significant step towards making India a digitally connected society.

Apart from driving licenses, E Parivahan also provides services related to vehicle fitness and transportation permits. Users can apply for a fitness certificate for their vehicles, which is mandatory for all commercial vehicles. They can also apply for permits for their vehicles to transport goods or passengers. These services are particularly useful for small business owners who use their vehicles for transport purposes.

Another important feature of E Parivahan is the online payment gateway. Users can make payments for different services using their debit or credit cards, net banking, or through mobile wallets. This not only reduces the need for cash transactions but also makes the process more transparent and accountable.

E Parivahan has been integrated with the National Register of Driving Licenses (NRDL) and the National Transport Database (NTD). This means that all the data related to driving license, vehicles, and permits is available in a centralized database. This makes it easier for authorities to track and monitor activities related to transport, thus improving the overall efficiency and safety of the system.

E Parivahan also provides real-time information on traffic rules and regulations. Users can access information related to traffic signs, signals, and penalties for violating traffic rules. This information is particularly useful for novice drivers who may not be familiar with all the rules and regulations.

E Parivahan has also introduced the concept of digital verification of documents. This means that users can upload their documents such as driving licenses, vehicle registration certificates, and permits on the platform. These documents are verified digitally, and the users receive a digital certificate as proof of verification. This makes the process of verifying documents more efficient and secure.

E Parivahan also provides services related to transport-related emergencies. Users can access emergency contact numbers for different transport-related services such as ambulance, tow truck, and police. This is particularly useful in case of accidents or breakdowns, where quick assistance can make a difference.


E Parivahan is a digital platform that has revolutionized the transport industry in India. It has made transport-related services more accessible, convenient, and efficient for citizens and authorities. With its various features such as online payment gateway, digital verification of documents, and real-time information on traffic rules and regulations, E Parivahan has become an important tool for users. It has also contributed towards making India a digitally connected society and improving the overall efficiency and safety of the transport system.

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